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Our 2019 NPS results are in

Hi all,

Welcome to 2020! It sounds like it’s the age of flying cars and transporter technology from Star Trek. It sounds like it should be the end of poverty and perpetual world peace thanks to all the technology enhancements we’ve made. Isn’t science fiction grand?

Back in the real world, we have real problems to deal with. We are in a constant struggle to keep our defences strong against individual and state-sponsored hackers. The unfortunate truth is we are focused on security, backups and redundancies more than value-added services. Why? Because the more we embrace this technology and welcome the convenience and speed, the more protection we need.

That’s why you’ve seen such a focus from us when it comes to security in the last 2 years. We’ve introduced a new IT score to simplify your understanding of where your IT stands. We’ve introduced user training when it comes to malicious emails and we’ve developed a platform to test your staff and see if they fall for these phishing emails. We’ve also aligned ourselves to the Australian Signals Directorate’s Essential Eight Maturity model to further protect your business, its data and your customers.

This will continue to be our focus in 2020 as we continue to add further services to keep you protected.

Speaking of ‘service’, the results of our latest NPS survey are out. We are very pleased to announce that our score this year is an excellent 70!

Now 70 might not seem ‘excellent’ but you have to remember that the range for NPS -100 to 100


A few key takeaways from the survey:

  • A whopping 78% of respondents gave us a 9 or 10 out of 10!
  • We improved on last year’s respectable score of 67
  • The IT industry average in 2018 was 33
  • Only 4 people gave us a score of less than 6. We’ve already made contact with these people to gather more info as to why.

It also seems that our prompt service remains important for our customers. Here are some of the comments we received:

“Always very quick to answer & fix things”


“Always helpful and get what needs to be done completed in a timely manner.”


“Prompt, professional service from friendly technicians with a wealth of knowledge. Would easily recommend to anyone.”

“Fantastic service, knowledge and expertise. Would not use any other firm for our IT requirements. Can highly recommend them.”


Thank you to everyone who responded. We’ll continue to make contact with all the people who gave us 8 or less to find out what we can do better.

About the author

Yener is the founder and Managing Director of Intuitive IT. Prior to running his own business Yener worked for a number of corporate organisations where he gained invaluable experience and skills, as well as an understanding of how IT can complement and improve business outcomes.