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It’s Time! Migrate your Phone System to the Cloud with Zoom

Many of your business applications have already migrated to the cloud, such as CRM, HRIS, cloud storage, and other productivity solutions. Cloud computing has provided enhanced flexibility, agility, and access to advanced functionality and innovation for these applications. Next up in your cloud migration strategy is moving your outdated on-premise PBX to a cloud service. As you evaluate your upcoming digital transformation initiatives, consider the benefits of moving to cloud communications. With the flexibility to ...
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5 Ways Zoom Phone Enables Mobility, Business Continuity

Businesses relying on a legacy on-premise PBX as their primary business phone system face unique challenges now that employees are working remotely. Odds are, these employees were not able to take their office phones home. But legacy, on-premise phone systems by nature make supporting remote users difficult. Oftentimes there are limited options available for remote administration, and support for end-user desktop and mobile apps leave much to be desired. When they are available, mobile applications ...
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Why On-Premise Phone Solutions Fall Short in Supporting Remote Workforces

With most on-premise and legacy PBX solutions, the use of a desk phone relies on being hardwired to the PBX and PSTN networks. But these outdated phone systems weren’t built to accommodate the large remote workforces that we’re seeing today. Companies that don’t support a bring-your-own-device environment are extremely challenged right now in four key areas: Security: The inability to secure these devices and workflows puts confidential company information at risk with each call, creating ...