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About us

In 2008, Intuitive IT was founded to help small to medium businesses through a tough economic time. Times have improved but our mission remains the same: to provide sound technical solutions for a fixed price; no cost blowouts.

From web design to system updates, from long term strategy to instant problem solving, Intuitive IT can put the right technology in place to suit your business.

Our experience comes from working in and with a range of companies; dealing with solo consultants, family businesses and multinationals, Intuitive IT have a broad base from which to draw upon and ensure the technology we put in place...just makes sense.

Brilliant customer service

If you are looking for a brilliant IT service then look no further. Our customers put us in the 'Excellent' range in our recent satisfaction survey (marked between -100 and 100) with an outstanding 85. Three points higher than our 2020 result.

For comparison, the IT industry average was 40 for the same period.

Don't take out word for it. Read our Google reviews


Intuitive IT received an incredible 85 for our latest NPS survey

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Our Team

Meet our team before we become your team. Below you'll find a short bio on each of our team members.

We have a great group of people who are willing and ready to help you.

Everyone is based in Melbourne as we find local IT staff are responsive and understand what Australian businesses need when it comes to customer service.

Yener Adal

Yener Adal

Managing Director

Yener is the founder and Managing Director of Intuitive IT. Before running his own business, Yener worked for several corporate organisations, where he gained invaluable experience and skills and an understanding of how IT can complement and improve business outcomes.

In these roles, he was well-regarded for translating clearly between the business and the IT team without using complicated technical terms and concepts.

Since 2008, when the business was founded, things have changed greatly. Back then, Yener was working from the laundry of the family home. There's a photo of it somewhere...

Now based in the CBD, the Intuitive IT office has room for him and his staff (minus the washing machine and laundry trough).

Clients these days range from SMEs to retail chains, manufacturers, corporate services and multinational listed organisations. They provide Yener and his team with variety and challenges in their day-to-day work.

Yener is a passionate sports fan (particularly of AFL and basketball) and has been a member of the Hawthorn Football Club since 1997, which is painfully obvious if you visit the Intuitive office.

He and his wife Caroline have three kids, so home life is busy; Yener also coaches two basketball teams at the local club, the Koonung Comets and is also president.

Yener tries to play two games of basketball a week and would play a third if someone would have his weary old legs on a team. With all these extra-curricular activities, and a fast-growing business, time is precious, and Yener’s plate is full, but he wouldn't have it any other way.

Eden Freeman

Eden Freeman

Director of IT

Eden has over a decade of experience in the IT industry. Working with numerous organisations from a diverse range of industries; education, finance and renewable energy to name a few.

Prior to joining Intuitive IT Eden worked at a top tier Managed Services provider which gave him valuable experience in a wide array of enterprise level technologies and customer environments.

Scaling enterprise best practices to the SME market is one of his specialties and working within a budget while still providing quality service is a key part of this.

Outside of work Eden keeps busy with a plethora of creative projects, house renovations, woodworking, classic car restoration - if there’s anything he can do he will do. That attitude also carries over to his professional life.


James Templeton

Senior Sys Admin

James is the Systems Administrator for Intuitive IT. To know more about him would drive any regular mortal insane. James' role is to keep most of the back-end systems running.

If there's a server or a network, James has definitely left his grubby fingerprints on it.

In his downtime, James enjoys "Hitting nerds with foam swords", Or LARP as he likes to call it.

His greatest goal in life is to write this bio, a feat that has, to this day, eluded him.

Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor

Service Delivery Coordinator

Ben is currently the Service Delivery Coordinator for Intuitive IT. He just appeared one day in our offices in late 2015, we've not bothered to question why he works here.

Ben assists in overseeing the helpdesk and supporting our clients. He maintains that he's a potato, made sentient by the transmissions from TV.

He is able to somehow take phone calls, so that's good enough for us.

In his off time, Ben is a bit of an artist, which paired with his sense of humour, results in a lot of silly pictures. Some of which have even found their way into some blog posts on this site.

On the days he's not artisting, Ben lays motionless in a bed of soft loamy dirt from which he draws his power

Alex Bahler

Alex Bahler

Project Manager

I am the Gandalf at Intuitive IT. I am grey, sometimes grumpy,
and at times wise. My job is to keep the hobbits on track in their quest to complete diverse IT projects.

I provide wisdom and guidance. Nowadays, I let the wizardry to the System Admins and technicians. By keeping the Orcs (project delays) at bay, I very much enjoy completing projects on time so the hobbits can ride unharmed toward the next challenge.

I immensely enjoy cooking and serving guests at home when I am not in hobbit town. I also never say no to a game of golf, provided the course is not next to Mordor.


Mitchell Alexander

IT Projects Officer

Hey there, folks! The name's Mitchell Alexander, a System Administrator and Project Technician extraordinaire.

I'm not just your average IT geek—I've got a serious knack for AFL, soccer, music, and gaming. If you need someone who can manage complex IT infrastructures with one hand and juggle a soccer ball with the other, well, you've found your guy!

When I'm not busy saving the digital world, you can catch me cheering on my favourite AFL teams and pretending I'm a world-class soccer player (in my dreams, at least).

And oh boy, don't get me started on music—I've got a playlist for every mood, from coding like a boss to dancing like nobody's watching.

And let's not forget about gaming! When I'm not battling IT issues, I'm battling mythical creatures, virtual enemies, and my own sleep schedule. You name it; I've probably saved the world a hundred times over in some virtual realm.

But hey, it's not all fun and games (well, mostly it is). I'm a tech enthusiast on a mission to conquer new horizons in the ever-evolving IT industry.

With my diverse interests, mad technical skills, and unwavering dedication, I'm here to ensure smooth operations and inject a healthy dose of innovation into every project I lay my hands on.

So let's geek out together and make some digital magic happen!


Adrian Thake

Senior IT Support Technician

Introducing Adrian, the wizard of all things IT! With a mischievous grin and a pocket full of tech tricks, he has been conquering IT issues for many years.

But Adrian isn't just a tech whiz; he is also a master communicator. He can translate complex techno-jargon into everyday language that even your grandma can understand. Whether you're a tech newbie or a seasoned pro, Adrian will guide you through the digital maze with a smile and a dash of humour.

So, if your computer starts acting possessed, your network turns into a spaghetti monster, or your software throws a tantrum, fear not! Adrian is here to don the IT superhero cape, armed with keyboards, cables, and a wicked sense of humour to make your tech troubles disappear like magic.

We know Business IT

If you pick up the phone and talk to our senior staff and want to discuss an IT solution you’ll quickly find there are many options available to you. All with their pros and cons. This is real life, real business IT. We can talk you through those options so you can make an informed decision.

We'll implement Intuitive's Continuous IT Management Model which will ensure your technology aligns with your business every single time.

Intuitive IT Continuous Improvement Model
Intuitive IT helps your business work better as a team

Our Values

Looking to find out what Intuitive IT is all about? Our values define and guide us in each and every action we take. From our dealings with you the client, to how we hire and reward our staff, to how we manage your infrastructure, through to how we build IT strategy.

Ultimately, if you like what you see in our values, we'll be a good match for your business.

Deliver - We need to deliver before we can go Above and Beyond. That means we need to do what we promised, by the agreed date/time.

Care - We need to care about the situation just as much as you do to Go Above and Beyond. If our care factor is lacking, then we can't deliver so we make sure that your problem, is our problem.

Be Hardworking - Going Above and Beyond isn't easy work. Only hard workers can go Above and Beyond.

Be Proactive -  We can’t go Above and Beyond by being reactive. We'll suggest ideas, provide information, foresee what happens next, and share what you know to make it a better experience for you the client.

Have pride - Not a sin here. We need to be proud of our work. We'll work to make it the best it can be.

Win with your work - There are prizes inside and outside of the organisation. Are your work and your thinking the best there is? It should be. That’s quality.

Listen - If we listen to what a person is telling you, and truly listen, you can see the real solution that they need. If you deliver the solution to their real problem, then you’ve delivered quality.

Be sustainable - The solution we devise needs to stand the test of time. It needs to be repeatable. No band-aid solutions. Quick fixes don't last long and cause issues in the future. 

It’s what we do - every one of us at Intuitive is here to solve our client’s problems. It is truly at the core of what we do. If the solution is intuitive, it’s the right one.

Be creative - Don’t rely on the status quo. A problem can be solved in many different ways. We will come up with options and then let you decide which way works best for your business.

Get sh*t done - We will not pass the buck, won't point fingers at others. We'll bring everyone together and GET SH*T DONE. It’s our job to get everyone talking solutions.

Be positive - Negativity has never solved a problem. Only those willing can do that. Our aim is to stay positive and find solutions. 


Be committed - We believe that if you are willing, there is nothing you can’t do. We'll look to solve the bigger problem, not just the issue that's in front of us. We are committed to the bigger cause of building solid systems for our clients.

Assess the situation - Get the data, ask the right questions, then get more data, then ask some more. Then write it all down. Now we're are ready to solve that problem.

Take charge - We won't wait for someone to ask if we’ve taken action. We'll look to have it completed before we're followed up. 

Say “I’ll find out” - Don’t put your arms in the air and shrug. We may not know the answer straight away, but we will be damned sure to find the answer or find someone who does.

Understand it - If we don’t know the answer, that’s ok. If you don’t find out, that’s not ok. We take responsibility for our own knowledge gaps and get the answer. 

We know nothing - Good? Wait, what? Good!? Yes! The more you know, the more you realise how much there is to learn. We will educate ourselves by reading,  watching and listening to others and remember ignorance isn’t bliss.

Share what you know - An idea is like a flame. The more we share that idea, the more knowledge we share, the more all can see. So we will share our knowledge. We'll share it with our team and the world.


Don't be a d*ck

Be friendly - To clients, our colleagues, and everyone we come into contact with. It costs nothing to be friendly.  

Be honest - Make sure each action we take is done honestly.

Show compassion - Watch the world marvel at your incredible professionalism when you sprinkle in some compassion. It makes you look good, makes you good and makes you feel good all at the same time.

Be a translator - Acronyms and technical terms can only be used if you’ve got a good reason to use it. If you do use it, then follow it up in English so everyone can understand it. 

Spelling and grammar - It’s too easy to get this right. Getting it wrong isn’t an option. Poor spelling and grammar reflects badly on the whole company.

Choose the right medium - Not everything can be communicated via email. Sometimes a phone call is required, sometimes a chat and sometimes it’s face to face. Choose the right way every time.   

Be sparing - Only use the right amount of words to explain your point. Don’t use too many or too few. Don’t send too many updates and don’t send walls of text

Carbon Neutral Certification

Intuitive IT is working towards becoming carbon neutral certified. We are looking at the Climate Active certification. It’s a government-backed program that is awarded to businesses that reached carbon neutrality. We have just started the process.

Our first step will be to evaluate a partner to help us understand our carbon footprint. Once we understand that, we will then look to offset our carbon usage and then focus on the task of carbon reduction.

We feel this is important to contribute positively where we can to help reduce global warming. We also know that some partners and clients will begin to make this a requirement of doing business.

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