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Microsoft 365 was previously known as Office 365

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Hassle Free Microsoft 365 Migration

Intuitive IT is a Microsoft Partner and we specialise in Microsoft 365 migrations. Our migration process will move your email, calendar and contacts from any email system into Microsoft’s Secure Cloud Hosted Platform. The Office 365 migration takes place behind the scenes meaning you and your company can continue to work while your email migration occurs.

How does the Office 365 migration work?

Our software starts the sync process 2 weeks before your cutover to Office 365 occurs. During that time all your existing mail, contacts and calendar are synced across to Microsoft 365. As new mail arrives it too is synced across making sure what you’ll have in Microsoft 365 is an exact replica of what you are currently working with. Once the sync is complete, we can seamlessly cut over your Outlook keeping all your email signatures and address auto-complete in place.

Intuitive IT protects your email

Migration Dashboard

While your Office 365 migration is underway, Intuitive IT has access to a migration dashboard where we can watch the process of data flow. As we progress through the steps of your migration we can intercept any issues and resolve them before they become a problem.

From Melbourne, Sydney to the world!

We performed Office 365 migrations across the globe for all manner of businesses. Yes, we are based in Melbourne, Australia but we are a global company. So no matter your timezone, we can plan, organise your Microsoft 365 migration and ensure it is smooth no matter where your business is.

Intuitive IT performs Microsoft 365 migrations for businesses across the globe

What does it cost?

Using the table below you can calculate the cost of your Microsoft 365 migration. Intuitive IT is also happy to offer up 8 mailboxes migrated for FREE to help sweeten the deal. We can even provide a price to spread out your payments over a 12 month period.

Number of mailboxes Price per mailbox ex GST Included FREE migrations
11-20 $170 2
21-50 $168 4
51-99 $160 8
100+ $50 10%

Calculate your migration cost

Looking for some help in preparing a quote? Use our Office 365 migration calculator below and by answering 5 (or in some cases 3) quick questions, we can give you an estimate of your Microsoft 365 migration cost.

Microsoft 365 Quick Help (FAQ)

It depends on the complexity of your setup but preplanning is normally a week. The migration process takes 2 weeks and post migration support is 2 days.

Any email system can be migrated to Microsoft 365. Email attached to your website hosting, Google Workspaces, your internal server can all be migrated to Microsoft 365.

A question we get asked often! That's why we wrote this in-depth article on the cost to migrate to Microsoft 365. You can also use the calculator above

Again that depends on your current situation but as part of the planning phase, we will audit your current licenses and your requirements and make a recommendation.

If your licensing is Business Premium, ProPlus or Enterprise E3 then yes you will.

No, there are options available to you where you can simply pay for the hosting of email and data and continue to use your existing version Office. Please note that it will need to be Office 2010 or later.

In most cases if the plugins work with your current version of Office then yes they'll continue to work after you migrate. This will be confirmed during the planning stage of the project.

Apart from the Business Class email hosting? Well there are many features you may not know about like Office apps for your smartphone and tablet, real-time editing and collaboration on a document, a smarter inbox that will remove the Clutter to mention just a few.

We have many years experience performing mail migrations for our clients. Our IT team are all located in Australia and our support team provide outstanding customer service.

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