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Choosing what hardware is overwhelming

Choosing from many desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile options can be overwhelming. Even once you've chosen a manufacturer to standardise upon, which models do you choose within their range?

How do you ensure they will provide what is required and work well together?

Ensure your servers are monitored and maintained with Intuitive IT

Simplify your procurement

By streamlining technology procurement, maintenance, and replacement, Intuitive IT can help you maintain the flexibility to pivot, transition, scale, and grow strategically when it comes to your hardware devices.

Benefits of Intuitive Device Procurement

We offer a wide range of products and intelligent purchasing capabilities to make addressing your business's technology needs simple. From purchase to implementation to management and beyond, we will be with you every step of the way as a trusted partner.

Warranty Reporting

Warranty Management

Receive a monthly report on which devices will need replacing to ensure timely repairs and minimal downtime

Standardised hardware

Your own product catalogue

Based on our own technology platform standards, we will build you a custom list of approved hardware for your business.

Lifecycle management

From purchase to disposal

We can procure your hardware, integrate it, maintain it will active and then correctly dispose of it.

Financing options

Financing & leasing options

Don't let Capex expenditure get in the way of your modernisation goals. Competitive rates are available to you.

Windows Devices

Windows 11

Intuitive IT can procedure and then manage your Windows 10 and 11 devices

Apple Devices

Mac & iDevices

From Macbooks, to iPhones to iPads, Intuitive IT can procedure and manage your Apple devices.

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Intuitive IT helps your business leverage technology better

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