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Based in Melbourne, we are the MSP IT partner businesses across Australia turn to when they want peace of mind regarding their IT services. We will manage your IT so you can focus on what's important to you - running your business.

You'll receive responsive IT support through an unmatched customer service experience. All our staff are based here in Melbourne!

With your technology in our hands, we'll ensure your business IT is stable and secure and technology is one less worry for you and your team.

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Are these IT challenges keeping you up at night?

  • Our IT person is leaving

  • We've outgrown our IT provider

  • Resolving issues takes too long

  • Our technology roadmap is unclear to me

  • I don't know if we're protected and secure

  • Unexpected IT costs keep coming up

  • The IT department is stretched too thin

  • Our team doesn't understand our business needs

You don’t have to live with these challenges anymore. 
Get a good night's sleep knowing your IT Services are with Intuitive IT.

Trust Intuitive IT to help you achieve your business goals

Businesses across Melbourne and Australia used Intuitive IT's experience and capabilities to transform their operations.

Grow Revenue

Use technology to drive innovation and transform your business into a digital force

Manage Costs

Optimise your IT Investment to get the most out of your technology

Productive Workforce

Provide the best service and technology for your staff

Mitigate Risk

Protect your data and systems to protect your clients and business

Data Driven Optimisation

Better understand your business using data to then increase your efficiency

Leading the way with technology services

With our knowledge and expertise, you can adopt Intuitive IT's range of IT services to give your business the competitive edge it needs.

Intuitive Workplace

Give your employees intuitive working experiences with outstanding customer support, and tools that increase efficiencies and productivity so they can help you reach your business objectives.

Intuitive Cybersecurity

A security strategy and practical actions that protect your network, your clients and your data to reduce organisational risk.

Intuitive Apps

Develop new systems to drive efficiencies, transform legacy applications and create a business that believes in automation.

Intuitive Infrastructure

Engineer, modernise and manage your cloud, local servers and networks to support business transformation goals.

Intuitive Insights

Collect, analyse and act on data across your entire organisation to support real-time decision-making.

Intuitive Web

Build marketing or eCommerce websites to share your business and sell your services/products online.

Intuitive Consulting

Receive the advice across your entire IT environment to ensure your business is operating to best practice standards

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You are only 3 steps away from IT Peace of Mind

We help your team be more productive and your business be more profitable

Why choose Intuitive IT?

Have you outgrown your current IT Provider? We work with Australian businesses with 10 - 200 staff because they need an MSP to provide peace of mind so owners and operators can sleep well. By adopting a Cloud-first IT strategy, you get the competitive edge by making your IT environment secure, stable, and ready for growth.

With Intuitive IT providing your helpdesk support, you will increase your workforce's happiness and overall productivity. Our friendly team explains things without getting technical, we’re always on the other end of the phone, available for a chat.

Don't take our word for it - hear what our customers have to say.

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The Intuitive IT team hard at work

IT Support Managed Services for Business

Onsite and Remote support to keep your team and their computers running smoothly. Our helpdesk is manned between 8 am and 6 pm every business day, and all IT Support staff are based in Melbourne, in our CBD office.

How to achieve your business goals via our IT support service

Grow Revenue

Realise all your goals

By outsourcing your IT to Intuitive IT, you can be freed from the day-to-day activities involved in monitoring, maintaining and troubleshooting problems for your business. Instead, you can focus on the tasks which keep your clients happy and leave the operational work to the Intuitive IT team.

Manage Costs

Reduce cloud costs

Intuitive IT can manage your business' cloud services spending. We audit your monthly spending to ensure you have the best price and optimise your utilisation to keep your cloud spending to a minimum. In addition, Intuitive IT can provide further discounts of up to 60% on reserved instances for your cloud services.

Manage Costs

License management

By moving license management to Intuitive IT, you can consolidate your software and subscription licensing. The task of purchasing and reporting on licenses can be managed by Intuitive and frees your teamf of the burden of auditing and management. 

Manage Costs

Automate tasks

Intuitive IT review your processes and assist with removing or reducing manual tasks. Our developers are in-house (and based in Australia), meaning immediate access to your needs.

Manage Costs

Flexible IT Services

Intuitive IT can be your entire outsourced IT provider. Intuitive IT can provide helpdesk services, engineers, developers, and strategy and Management support.

As your needs change, we can step back or step up and provide the right amount of support to your business. Using our services is a fraction of the cost of an internal team.

Productive Workforce

Helpdesk & IT Support

Intuitive IT's support is only a phone call away when something goes wrong with your IT Services.

This peace of mind is essential to all staff so they can get on with the job at hand and not spend time-fighting technology.


Your business needs the best security and data protection with a budget to suit. We use technology to protect your systems and test and train your staff to prepare for an attack. Hackers and malware never rest. Neither do we.

  • Email Security
  • PC and Server Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Business Cybersecurity Strategy
  • Cybersecurity Audits and Assessments
  • Staff training and simulations
  • Essential Eight Compliance
Intuitive IT helps your business stay as secure as possible
Intuitive IT can help you fly

Cloud computing & Backups

What cloud technology is right for you? The options are limitless, but we'll be able to help you make the right decision. You will be guided to the right fit for your budget and requirements. Backups are automatic and stored securely in the cloud.

  • Cloud first strategy
  • Hybrid local/cloud management
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Cloud backups and business continuity

Zoom Phone/VoIP

Migrating your business to the cloud needs to include your phone system. You need a modern cloud-based system that can integrate with your systems and be used on mobiles, PCs, Macs and traditional handsets. Welcome to Zoom Phone.

Zoom Phone fits in with Zoom

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