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Intuitive IT helps your business stay as secure as possible
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Intuitive IT helps your business with phishing training

Phishing simulation

Our phishing simulator will send a harmless phishing email to your staff. We will record who clicks the link and who enters their username and password. We can report back who is vulnerable to a real phishing attack before it’s too late.

In addition, we can provide ongoing training to your employees and schedule ongoing simulations to reduce your risk of a serious phishing mistake.

Dark Web Monitoring

More often than it should, a website may leak the personal information of its users. It can be any combination of usernames, first name, last name, DOB, passwords or any other Personal Identifiable Information.

These are given the common name of a Data Breach, and depending on the data leak, hackers can use this information to log in to websites with your credentials, impersonate you or use the information leaked to send you phishing emails.

We can run a report that will highlight which email addresses have been found in data breaches and the kind of information that was leaked. We cannot scrub the internet clean of this information, but we can take some remedial actions to stop this information from being used against you.

Intuitive IT helps your business monitor the dark web for your compromised credentials
Intuitive IT helps your business be protected from external threats

Anti-spam services

Anti-spam services check your email before it hits your inbox and decides if the message is legitimate. In most cases, if it’s not legitimate, it will send it to your junk folder.

Most email services have built-in anti-spam services. Depending on what product you use, you might get almost no protection right up to a high level.

A dedicated anti-spam service will not only protect you from viagra emails from Nigerian princes but will also detect spoofed emails that appear to come from the CEO. The latter being the more dangerous of the two as it’s much harder to identify.

A high-quality anti-spam service can detect malicious spam like this on your behalf so you and your staff don’t need to.

Website Application Firewall

A Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects your website from hackers and malicious attacks from the web. It can filter the types of traffic that hit your site or even block traffic from certain countries. It can also provide added protection to key pages like the administrator login.

Any website can, and is, a target with hackers these days. They are not just picking a website to attack based on the size of the company. All websites are now attacked based on the technology they use which makes your website vulnerable to attack.

A WAF has the added benefit of making your website run faster and reducing the load on your server.

Intuitive IT helps your business by building firewalls in and around your data
Intuitive IT helps your business stay as secure as possible

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