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300,000 businesses using Dropbox Business can’t be wrong.

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What is Dropbox Business?

Dropbox Business is a powerful collaboration platform that allows employees to access their files anytime, anywhere, while keeping IT in control of security and permissions.

Dropbox Business helps your company grow without limits, while you maintain complete control over important company information and user activity.

Who uses Dropbox Business?

Currently, more than 500 million users and 300 thousand businesses are already using Dropbox to increase productivity and lower costs. Some Dropbox Business clients include Expedia, Adidas, Under Armour, News Corp, Hewlett Packard and Intuitive IT is on board too!

Dropbox Companies
Intuitive IT is a Dropbox Business Select Partner

Intuitive IT is a Dropbox Business Select Partner

Intuitive IT is a 'Select Partner' for Dropbox Business. This means we've met the training requirements and excelled at customer support resolution when it comes to Dropbox Business. As well as using Intuitive IT's trained staff to assist you in your Dropbox migration, it also means we have access to a Dropbox Solutions Architect when planning and implementing your migration. Use the experts in Dropbox Business.

Certified Dropbox Administrator

Intuitive IT is happy to boast we have 2 of Australia's first certified Dropbox Administrators. This means that when you engage Intuitive IT to support and migrate to Dropbox Business, our staff have the qualifications and practical know-how to ensure a seamless experience for your business.

Certified Dropbox Administrator

Smart Sync

Smart Sync is a feature that helps you save space on your hard drive. Access every file and folder in your Dropbox account from your computer, using virtually no hard drive space!

Need a file or folder on your computer all the time? No problem. Smart Sync will happily store some files locally and others in the cloud. I guess that’s what makes it smart.

Dropbox Badge

The Dropbox badge (which is also available in the non-business versions of the product) allows your team to see when an Office document was last edited and by whom. This is great for stopping conflicts from occurring. It’s also great for instantly sharing the file you are working on or even asking for feedback.

Dropbox badge

Security & Compliance

Dropbox is designed with a secure, distributed infrastructure with multiple layers of protection. We work behind the scenes to protect your data and empower IT administrators with tools that provide control and visibility. Dropbox complies with widely accepted standards and regulations like ISO 27001 and SOC 1, 2, and 3. Compliance is an effective way to validate a service’s trustworthiness. Our independent third-party auditors test our controls and provide their reports and opinions — which we share with you whenever possible

Migration to Dropbox Business

If you are migrating your data from an ageing server or a different cloud-based file-sharing system, Intuitive IT has done it before. We’ve helped medium and large businesses migrate their key files and folders in a tried and true methodology.
We audit your files and security and ensure that permissions are transferred over to Dropbox Business where you can begin working in a more collaborative way immediately. Work with Melbourne's premier Dropbox Business Partner.

Not for Profit & Education receive up to 30% discount

Are you a NfP or in the education section? You can receive up to 30% of your Dropbox Business licensing!! This means you get all the same benefits but with a great discount. You'll just need to show your NfP/educational status to receive your discount. Some things to note:

  • You must commit to an annual plan
  • The minimum number of seats is 5
  • You cannot order online to receive this special pricing.
  • Contact us and we get you started.

Plans & Pricing

Standard Advanced Enterprise
2TB of space for secure storage with easy-to-use sharing and collaboration tools As much space as you need with sophisticated admin, audit, and integration features Customisable solutions with individualised support to help admins manage at scale
Price $17.50
per user / month, starting at 3 users
per user / month, starting at 3 users
Contact us
Storage 2 TB Unlimited Unlimited
Intuitive IT support
File recovery
Smart Sync
Dropbox Paper
Office 365 integration
Admin console
Audit log
Granular sharing permissions
User and company managed groups
Remote device wipe
Two-factor authentication (2FA)
API access
Live chat support
Advanced admin tools
Single Sign On
Business hours phone support
Account capture
Network control
EMM support
Domain insights
Advanced training
24/7 phone support

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