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Zoom Phone fits in with Zoom

7 Zoom Phone (VoIP) Tips to Skyrocket Productivity

You're feverishly tapping your fingers on your thigh. Looking down at your smartwatch. Notifications and reminders keep alerting you to the next meeting, email, missed calls… You’ve been waiting what seems a lifetime in the brightly lit food court. The bloke in front is ordering black bean beef, honey chicken, and rice. The server heaps spoonfuls onto the plastic plate, buckling under the weight. Time is ticking away. It's 1.28 pm. Your next Zoom meeting ...
Intuitive IT can help you setup your Microsoft Teams

5 Microsoft Teams Tips to Boost Productivity

You know there has never been a better time to work remotely. Think about it for a moment. Imagine a pandemic had rocked Melbourne in the early 2000s. Back when we used dial-up internet, mobile phones were the size of a brick and your work was done at your desk. And probably with a desktop computer chained to the floor. Let's not forget we were still sending faxes… Now, let's say your boss made the ...
kid playing with phone in car

5 Proven Tips for a Successful BYOD Program

"There." You reach back and hand your 5-year-old daughter your iPhone. "Listen, just put on ABC Kids and watch Bluey…so I can…concentrate…this traffic is horrendous." The local council had filled the potholes, only for them to fall apart again. But truthfully, the roads are hidden obstacle courses currently. And peak hour is your new nightmare with traffic back to pre-pandemic levels.  Just navigating in the wild, wet weather and bumper-to-bumper crawl along Dandenong Road, you ...
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7 Apps Improving Customer Experience for 2023

"C'mon, let's go into the City for the day…" Those words rang in your ears as you watched your mother shuffle along the queue. She was slowly moving the trays forward. The china plates rattle as if they are destined to smash. And the smell of lunch drifting through the air. The mouth-watering food selection...roast of the day, sandwiches and cakes.  And the highlight was a frog in the pond. Red jelly, of course.  The ...