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7 Apps Improving Customer Experience for 2023

“C’mon, let’s go into the City for the day…”

Those words rang in your ears as you watched your mother shuffle along the queue. She was slowly moving the trays forward. The china plates rattle as if they are destined to smash. And the smell of lunch drifting through the air.

The mouth-watering food selection…roast of the day, sandwiches and cakes. 

And the highlight was a frog in the pond. Red jelly, of course. 

The Coles Cafeteria on Bouke Street was a Melbourne icon priding itself on a family-friendly environment and low prices. And it created a holistic customer experience that was a resounding success over five decades.

It was the go-to lunch destination for families when choices were far more limited. 

Well, customers now have a massive choice of options for products and services. So, it’s no longer good enough to think good customer service is enough. 

Your business needs to ensure every touchpoint has a customer-centric approach. Many Melbourne businesses relentlessly focus on customer needs. Your business must deliver an experience and use digital technology to improve the customer’s journey. 

E-commerce sales continued to surge in Australia in 2021, up $11 billion. Winning businesses have invested in technology to create an exceptional digital experience following the pandemic. As a result, Melbournians, asides from being the most locked up city in the world, have become very comfortable with online shopping. 

I mean, what’s not to like…a few taps on your phone and the next day, your order is at your front door.  

It’s said that companies and businesses obsessed with customer needs are 60% more profitable than those that aren’t.

That’s why meeting changing consumer expectations needs to be front and centre of your business. You can leverage a range of cloud-based tools to improve your customer experience that are cost-effective. 

1. Survey customers to understand them

One of the top ways to take a pulse check on your customer satisfaction is through regular surveys. Many companies conduct annual customer surveys to gather feedback; understand what’s working and how to improve their delivery. 

Now you might be wondering how best to survey your customers. 

Well, the simplest and easiest way for you and your customer is to use an online survey tool. There are many popular options available, including Survey Monkey and Typeform. And Microsoft 365 includes one for you. 

Truthfully, most people don’t actively want to fill out a survey. So by keeping it effortless and using an online form, you will improve your completion rate. And the best thing is you don’t need to collate the data. Instead, the survey tools will collate, analyse and report the data to you immediately. And allowing you to focus on key themes, opportunities and gaps to improve your customer experience. We survey our customers annually. See our NPS results.

2. Smart chatbot answers questions 24/7

I’m sure you have met Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant by now. Powered by AI, they have changed how you interact with your smartphone, watch and devices. 

Similarly, many large companies have invested in adding a Smart Chatbot to their website to help provide customer service 24/7, 365 days per year. So no matter where in the world you are or what time it is, a smart chatbot will be on hand to help answer customers’ questions. 

For example, CommBank introduced Ceba, and AGL welcomes Alfie to help on their website. 

68% of customers like chatbots because they quickly answer questions. And help them locate the correct information on the website. 

However, chatbots can’t answer every question. But they can still reduce the volume of inbound calls and messages while delivering exceptional service. Reports say the chatbots can handle between 75-90% of questions.

3. Build your own business mobile app

Walking down Collins Street, no doubt you have nearly run into someone’s eyes glued down on their smartphone. And it’s no wonder you have become reliant on Google to answer any question, thought, or idea you may have. Over 60% of all web traffic now happens from mobile phones, so making mobile a priority in your business makes sense. And you can lift your customer experience by offering a dedicated business mobile app. This way, your customers can remain in your ecosystem through an app, allowing them to browse your products and services. In addition, you could use it for customer support, starting virtual calls, and more.

4. Facebook Messenger for business

Facebook Messenger is the 2nd most popular iOS app in history. With Facebook Messenger, you know how convenient it is to stay in touch with family, friends and even businesses. Many Melbourne businesses now use Messenger to connect with leads and provide customer support. For many people, getting a fast answer with Messenger can help improve their experience with your business, enhancing customer satisfaction. 

5. Zoom Phone (VoIP) makes it easy to connect  

It’s surprising how confusing it can be when you have a business card or email signature with two numbers. I mean, you would think in 2022, you would have more than one phone number customers could contact you with. But it may surprise you that many businesses still have a landline and mobile phone number for their team members. So which one to call? How does a customer know? It can be downright confusing and lead to a poor customer experience. That’s why Zoom Phone (VoIP) can simplify your customer’s journey.  

With Zoom Phone, your team has one phone number that can be used anywhere. At their desks in Docklands. Or at their home office in Malvern. And even if they are walking along Beaumaris beach. So it’s essential when choosing a Zoom Phone it comes with a high-quality mobile app that is easy for employees to use and can handle customer calls on their smartphone – ensuring employees don’t need to use their phone numbers. 

6. SMS and text notification

Many companies are using SMS to support their customer experience. Studies have shown that customers like to receive updates on shipping, be first to know about the latest sales or receive exclusive coupon codes. In Australia, The Good Guys, Amazon, Australia Post and Airbnb, to name a few, are using SMS to drive improved customer satisfaction. 

7. All-in-One CRM and sales platform

Nothing indeed frustrates a customer more than having to repeat themselves. Being transferred between sales and support often leads to inferior customer service. And in some cases, complaints or bad reviews online.

Your business can avoid these severe customer issues with a CRM and Sales platform. This way, there is a single source of truth, one customer record. So all teams can view all customer interactions. 

And not only does this improve your customer experience, but it will make your business more efficient and productive. 

Are you a Melbourne business looking to level up your customer experience? 

With a range of digital tools and solutions to deliver a seamless customer experience, it can take time to know where to start. So let us help you with a free discovery call

About the author

Yener is the founder and Managing Director of Intuitive IT. Prior to running his own business Yener worked for a number of corporate organisations where he gained invaluable experience and skills, as well as an understanding of how IT can complement and improve business outcomes.