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AI leaps forward with Chat GPT

AI technology is advancing at an incredible rate, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between content that is generated by AI and content that is created by humans. AI algorithms are now able to generate highly realistic text, images, and even videos that are indistinguishable from those created by humans. This level of sophistication allows AI to perform a wide range of tasks, from generating personalised responses to customer inquiries to creating entire news articles and social media posts. The potential applications of AI technology are nearly limitless, and it is only going to continue to get more powerful and advanced in the future.

A good example of the speed of AI enhancement is the paragraph above. I didn’t write it – AI did. I gave the AI a prompt, a sentence describing what I needed, and in seconds, that’s what it produced.

This service is called Chat GPT, and is open to the public as of December 1st. 


This is by OpenAI, the same company that allows images to be generated using a text prompt. Take a look at the article here. You can ask Chat GPT to generate the prompts for your Dalle-2 creations, like I did above for the image for this post.

There are some incredible examples of what it can do.

Get it to write a poem

Here’s the result of asking it to write a poem about the importance of enabling MFA.

Want to collect a bug bounty?

It can analyse code for security and stability issues.


A Google replacement?

Maybe not immediately, but once it can search the web for more current information…

In conclusion, the advancements in AI natural language processing over the past few years have been truly astounding. From virtual assistants that can understand and respond to complex commands, to language translation systems that can bridge the gap between different cultures, the capabilities of AI in this area have increased exponentially. However, as with any technology, there are also potential drawbacks and concerns to consider.

As AI systems become more advanced and more integrated into our daily lives, it is important to think about the ethical implications of this technology and to ensure that it is used responsibly. While the future of AI natural language processing is exciting, it is also uncertain, and it will be up to us as a society to steer it in the right direction.

Yep, that closing paragraph was written by AI too.

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