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automation can save your business time and money

Automation for Business to save time and money

Save your staff time and money by automating mundane tasks I wanted to start this month’s update by talking about an internal case study in automation and give you a real-world example of how a very small manual task once automated can provide a very big decrease in costs. This is something small business owners should be talking to their IT provider about regularly. Manual tasks within business cost time and money. Automation through the ...
Cybersecurity Awareness

What is a Cybersecurity Audit?

...And the Four Tips for Running One Antivirus software alone won't make sure your business' network is secure. To get a complete picture of your security strategy, you need a cybersecurity audit. Earlier this year, we launched our Cybersecurity resilience audit. A traffic-light report for businesses in Australia to quickly identify how well they are protected against a Cybersecurity incident. However, we thought we'd take the time to explain what goes into an audit and ...
Phone system to the cloud

Why your server backups are so important.

I am furious. Out and out outraged. I can’t believe it still happens but it does. I was reminded of it again yesterday. Why so mad? Because it gives IT people a bad name and it’s soooo easy to fix. It shouldn’t even be an issue. TEST. YOUR. BACKUPS. Backups are important right? Right. Talking about backups is boring right? Right. But each and every business owner needs to read this and make sure that ...