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Intuitive IT saves you money with cloud hosting

Save money on Azure cloud hosting

This month we're discussing how you can save money on Azure cloud hosting, literally saving thousands of dollars, our website and new domain watch list service. August sees Melbourne emerge from lockdown (and then head straight back in), Queensland extends theirs and NSW continue with theirs. Having been there now six times already, our hearts go out to all of you in lockdown and homeschooling or even isolating. It’s a tough road. On the plus ...
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Intuitive IT teams up with KnowB4

To enhance our security awareness platform and simulated phishing attacks Yet another month of lockdown and another month of Stage 4 lockdown for us Melbournians - you know it’s getting desperate when your only weekly outing is going to the supermarket and you actually get excited about it. On the bright side, it has given us a chance to build out on some of our service offerings. Over the last month, we’ve partnered with security ...
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(Hopefully) happy financial year

The new financial year is here, and it is definitely the most uncertain I’ve ever seen, probably up there with the most uncertain anyone alive has seen. Now more than ever, having your business running as efficiently as possible is of paramount importance, and that starts with having the right processes and systems in place. More often than not when we say ‘systems’, we are talking about computer-based systems (like it or not) - and ...
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COVID-19 is IT Support’s Best Friend?

  Hi all,   Another month of lockdown and I think I’m getting Stockholm syndrome - COVID-19 is just misunderstood, it only wants to be friends; really good friends. Who needs the outside world when you have a pair of ugg boots and a heater for company?   On a more serious note, there are a few short items I’d like to go through today - firstly, with lockdown restrictions easing, some staff returning to ...
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Treat Covid-19 as an opportunity

How technology can be an opportunity and not a threat during Coronavirus   Hi all,   It’s now clear that the COVID-19 pandemic is going to leave a long term, if not a permanent mark on how businesses do business (and society in general operates) going forward.   This month I want to talk about what we’re doing at Intuitive IT to streamline our business systems. We’re using this uncertain time as an opportunity to ...

Intuitive IT releases Virtual Site Visits to combat COVID-19 isolation

We can now sit with you, virtually Never before has so much changed in the world between two monthly summaries. I know that the news and media, in general, is wall to wall pandemic at the moment, and adding to that may only increase the overload, but there are a few things from an IT support and IT services point of view that are worth considering for your business that I’d like to highlight today. ...
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Now you’re working from home because of COVID-19; work better from home

The last 10 days have been about getting your team setup from home. Now it's about making it work for everyone As I mentioned last week, we've been busy helping you set up your staff to work from home. Even though those requests are still coming through, they have reduced in number and the focus is now shifting to the next issues of having a remote workforce.  For Intuitive IT, the biggest issue we face ...
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Working from home because of COVID-19? Hackers will soon follow

Working from home is a given now - but it doesn't mean we need to compromise security As you would imagine, our helpdesk team has been inundated with calls this week, as we try to get your workforce up and running from home. We're pleased to say that because most of you were proactive and saw this need coming, we've been able to manage the workload and get the vast majority of you up and ...
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Be proactive about business continuity – COVID-19

Can your business continue if staff can't come into the office? I wish I could tell you what is a beat-up and what is legitimate at the moment when it comes to the Corona virus, and without adding to unnecessary panic, it is a good time to consider some important Business Continuity questions for your organisation. COVID-19 has highlighted the need for businesses to consider their Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and Business Continuity Plan (BCP). ...