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Save money on Azure cloud hosting

This month we’re discussing how you can save money on Azure cloud hosting, literally saving thousands of dollars, our website and new domain watch list service.

August sees Melbourne emerge from lockdown (and then head straight back in), Queensland extends theirs and NSW continue with theirs. Having been there now six times already, our hearts go out to all of you in lockdown and homeschooling or even isolating. It’s a tough road.

On the plus side, the Olympics have provided a great distraction and the joy of winning gold has certainly helped with the cabin fever. Perhaps the Olympics should run constantly until we’ve seen the end of the pandemic? If only.

Here at Intuitive, pandemic or not, things are always in a state of evolution and here is the news of the happenings over the last month.

Savings on Azure cloud services

We are very happy to announce that we are now able to offer significant discounts on Azure cloud hosting.

Currently, we’ve only been able to provision Azure services on a month to month basis. This gives short term flexibility however, in the case we know servers will be running for years, there was no discount for long term certainty.

Now, long terms commitments can mean significant cost savings for you.

We’ve recently moved two of our servers across to a 3-year commitment and we’ll be saving approximately $4,000 USD over that period. That’s almost a 60% saving.

We’ll be reaching out this month to discuss which of your servers could be moved across and your potential cost saving.

Anti-virus – Advanced Threat Detection

Last month we highlighted that only antivirus software with Advanced Threat Detection would get you full marks on your IT Report. The response has been great with many of you upgrading your platforms to deal with modern-day threats.

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to get back to us and are still interested, please reach out using the button below or contact me or Yener directly.

Pay now button on invoices

In 2016, we launched our payment website so you could pay your invoices with your credit card. Last month, we’ve included a ‘pay now’ button directly on your invoice and invoice email.

From this month, when you open your invoice or your invoice email, you will notice a green ‘Pay Now’ button in the top left. If you click this button you’ll be redirected to our payment page.

Intuitive IT launches pay now button with Xero

Hopefully, this will make life a little easier.

Domain name checking service

Last month we were able to register a domain for a client that was 7 years in the making. Depending on the type of domain, the expiry date may not be made public. So if someone else owns a domain you are after, the only thing you can do is repeatedly check to see if it’s become available.

After making that client very happy by finally registering that domain for them, we decided to offer this service to our existing client base for free.

Voila, our domain watch list service was launched!

Visit our special page and type in domains you’ve had your eye on but just never been able to register.

We’ll run a check every 24 hours to see if that domain has become available. If it is, we’ll immediately purchase it for you.

Our new website

While you’re adding domains to the watch list, you may have noticed that our website looks a little different.

Finally, after months of work, our new Intuitive IT website has launched.

There were are few reasons for the change:

Firstly, the old website was looking dated and required a refresh. With new colour schemes and new illustrations the website now has a cleaner appearance.

Secondly, we moved the site to the WordPress content management system (CMS) which has provided us with a user interface that makes creating pages and content much easier.

We’ve integrated our Hubspot CRM into the site which makes lead generation easier to track and measure, and with the WordPress speed improvements, we’ve noticed our pages are ranking much higher in Google searches.

We’ve also decided to market the IT Services, Web Design and Application Development arms of the business with a website each. By narrowing the scope of the sites we can target our potential customers better than before. The Application Development site is still in development but the other two are up and running.

Thanks to Jim Moutsounis who worked so hard on this, so please take a look and let us know what you think

About the author

Eden has over a decade of experience in the IT industry. Working with numerous organisations from a diverse range of industries; education, finance and renewable energy to name a few.

Prior to joining Intuitive IT Eden worked at a top tier Managed Services provider which gave him valuable experience in a wide array of enterprise level technologies and customer environments.