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What’s the cost to outsource IT support?

How much to outsource Managed IT support? There are a few elements you need to understand when pricing IT support. Each business is different, and you must find the right package that suits your organisation and needs. Costs can vary based on the response time you expect on tickets if you need after-hours support, how important security is and, of course, the number of staff members you need to support. But generally speaking, support costs ...
Intuitive IT can help you migrate to Microsoft 365

How much does it cost to migrate to Office 365?

Understand what goes into pricing a Microsoft 365 migration Please note: Office 365 is now called Microsoft 365 and that’s how we’ll refer to it here on in How much does it cost to migrate to Microsoft 365? Many factors go into determining the price of a Microsoft Office 365 migration that will work for your business. Costs can vary based on your current email hosting, the number of users, the number of mailboxes, how ...

All laptops created equal…, right? Wrong.

Monthly IT Support Update - April 2017 Hi all, Given that last month’s email was a bit depressing with the whole automating our livelihoods caper, I thought I’d go back to some IT bread and butter this month to mellow things out. We’ve had a few queries recently about the cost of hardware and software - specifically, why there is such a pricing disparity between consumer and business desktops and laptops. When we send through ...