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Intuitive IT teams up with KnowB4

To enhance our security awareness platform and simulated phishing attacks

Yet another month of lockdown and another month of Stage 4 lockdown for us Melbournians – you know it’s getting desperate when your only weekly outing is going to the supermarket and you actually get excited about it. On the bright side, it has given us a chance to build out on some of our service offerings.

Over the last month, we’ve partnered with security company KnowBe4 to enhance our security awareness platform, which now not only covers simulated phishing attacks and security awareness presentations but also ongoing training that can be tailored to your own requirements.

Over the next few months, we’ll be (with your permission of course!) running simulated phishing attacks across key business units and presenting reports highlighting areas of risk.

We think this will provide some valuable insight into IT security and the people working within (and sometimes around) it. We’ll be in touch regarding scheduling – this first run will be FREE of charge to those who have Proactive or above contracts with Intuitive IT. Even if you don’t have a contract with us and you are interested in the platform, feel free to get in touch at any time and we’re happy to provide further information.

Moving along to operational matters – as our business has grown so has the volume of cases being logged, and we’ve now reached a point where our support team is spending a lot of their day following up on tickets, leaving them less time to actually solve them! As such we’ll soon be implementing a process that will automatically close tickets if we haven’t heard back from the requester for 3 business days. A reminder will be sent on the second day, and don’t worry, the ticket will be re-opened automatically if the staff member does reply. This change will ensure our team can attend to current issues in a more responsive manner. We realise this is a significant change, so please reach out if you have any concerns.

Finally, we’re almost ready to implement the newest addition to the new client portal – live reporting of device status’. This will include antivirus and patch status for all devices managed in our system. With the COVID-19 lockdown still in effect, we know that some devices will not yet be reporting, but this will be resolved once devices are accessible once again. This will supplement your current ‘IT Infrastructure Report’ and we’ll be rolling out the feature over the next few days if you have a managed services contract with Intuitive IT.

About the author

Eden has over a decade of experience in the IT industry. Working with numerous organisations from a diverse range of industries; education, finance and renewable energy to name a few.

Prior to joining Intuitive IT Eden worked at a top tier Managed Services provider which gave him valuable experience in a wide array of enterprise level technologies and customer environments.