(Hopefully) happy financial year

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(Hopefully) happy financial year

The new financial year is here, and it is definitely the most uncertain I’ve ever seen, probably up there with the most uncertain anyone alive has seen.

Now more than ever, having your business running as efficiently as possible is of paramount importance, and that starts with having the right processes and systems in place.

More often than not when we say ‘systems’, we are talking about computer-based systems (like it or not) – and I’m not going to preach about how you should be using x or y systems, but I will ask just one question.

What is the most time-consuming part of your day to day workload?

Please have a think and reply to me with your answer.

Moving on; I know everyone is probably suffering from COVerload right now, but hopefully, this next bit of news is welcome. As part of Intuitive IT’s response to COVID, we’re putting a hold on any price increases for our standard rates for 12-months. This is effective from July 1st 2020.

Finally, as per my email last week, we’re transitioning our operations platform to a new system, as part of this some of your monthly reports will also be moving a new platform – this month will be the last on the old system, and over the next few weeks we’ll be in touch with further details on the new system.