COVID-19 is IT Support’s Best Friend?

Social distancing during a pandemic

COVID-19 is IT Support’s Best Friend?


Hi all,


Another month of lockdown and I think I’m getting Stockholm syndrome – COVID-19 is just misunderstood, it only wants to be friends; really good friends. Who needs the outside world when you have a pair of ugg boots and a heater for company?


On a more serious note, there are a few short items I’d like to go through today – firstly, with lockdown restrictions easing, some staff returning to work, and the end of the financial year coming up, it might be time to look at upgrading some of those crusty old PCs. The government has been kind enough to beef up the instant asset write off scheme, so take advantage while you can!


Secondly, it’s time again for the Intuitive IT bi-annual survey – it only takes a couple of minutes to fill in, and really helps us make relevant recommendations for your business. We like to use the results to make sure your IT is aligned with your business’ goals.


We are also in the process of revamping our internal systems. This means instead of having a suite of disparate systems for managing ticketing, knowledgebase, timesheeting, and invoicing we will have 1 system. In addition, it also comes with a client portal where you can keep track of your tickets, assets and costs! We’ll be launching this in the new financial year.


We are also looking at enhancing our cyber security training offer in the coming months. This will mean faster turnaround on developing phishing campaigns to test your staff, better reporting on the campaigns and better training resources in order to better protect your team, clients and data.


Finally, Intuitive IT has moved offices! When we’re finally allowed back, we’ll have more space, a real kitchen, and fancy new meeting rooms! Our new address is as follows:


Suite 7, Level 2, 281 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy


For those who are observant, yes, it’s the same building, just a different level.