Intuitive IT does Movember again!

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Intuitive IT does Movember again!

With the restrictions in Victoria finally and thankfully easing we can start thinking about returning to office-based working.

As part of this, there are sure to be plenty of devices that haven’t been turned on for quite some time. Not only will these devices be well behind on their security updates, given the work that has gone on behind the scenes at Intuitive IT over the last six months we need to ensure our management agent is installed and running.

If you are back in the office for the first time – please get in touch with our helpdesk team to make sure you and your staff’s devices are all up to date.

Next; from getting back into the office to getting out of the office! With the end of the year drawing near I’ll take this opportunity to share the Intuitive IT office closure schedule over the Christmas and New Year period. We’ll be closed from the 24th of December to the 3rd of January inclusive. So our last day of operation will be the 23rd and we’ll be back on the 4th.

During this time we’ll still have a reduced team answering calls for those of you working through, so assistance will be available if required.

Also, a staple of Intuitive IT in November is our commitment to Movember – it’s a great cause that supports men’s health, with a focus on mental health. Last year we raised over $4000, and this year we’re hoping we can do better with your help. You can donate to our team here – every dollar helps and we really appreciate any support.