Intuitive IT releases Virtual Site Visits to combat COVID-19 isolation


Intuitive IT releases Virtual Site Visits to combat COVID-19 isolation

We can now sit with you, virtually

Never before has so much changed in the world between two monthly summaries. I know that the news and media, in general, is wall to wall pandemic at the moment, and adding to that may only increase the overload, but there are a few things from an IT support and IT services point of view that are worth considering for your business that I’d like to highlight today.

The vast majority of us are now working remotely – here are some key points:

  • Stay in communication with your team; technology is great for this! Use video chat wherever possible to ensure staff aren’t feeling completely isolated from work relationships. If you would like any tips on software or its use, see Yener’s blog post from last week, or please get in touch.

  • Ensure your remote access systems are secure and reliable; if you’re not sure how your system stacks up, ask us – we always recommend secure systems, but many products that were once standard may no longer be considered best practice (this will be highlighted on your monthly IT reports).

  • Ensure that if staff are using their own personal devices to access company resources, those devices are also secure. This is a security concern that carries significant risk. If you are not sure, then take that as ‘the system is not secure’.

In light of all these changes, and the difficulties in getting out and physically seeing you all, we’re looking to provide this “virtually” for our customers with IT Managed Services agreements.

When we’re out at your offices for a site visit, we receive different types of requests from your staff. Requests that people won’t normally go to the trouble of calling the helpdesk or lodging a ticket for. These are usually non-critical but annoying to your staff nonetheless.

Now we’re not on-site, people still have these technology related issues, but won’t raise it and will simply put up with it. So to help with this, we’ve created “Virtual Site Visits” (VSV).

This is how it will work. Once a fortnight we’re offering to have one of our helpdesk team use your cloud communication tool (Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts Meet) and join a “room”/chat session.

If we can’t sit in your office, we can “sit” in your chat program. While a helpdesk member is “in the office” with you, they will be able to answer any IT support questions you and your staff may have, either via chat or video conferencing. We think this is a good way to address small issues that many staff might just be putting up with, but only take a few minutes to solve!

If you’re interested in taking up this offer, please get in touch.

Moving on; these sort of work events can really bring out the best in people, but unfortunately, they also bring out the worst, and we’re seeing not only a lot of false information disseminated over the internet in regards to COVID-19 but outright scams and criminal activity exploiting people’s uncertainty. I highly recommend you read this Scamwatch update and forward it on to your colleagues.

Finally, from the team at Intuitive IT, we hope that you, your families and loved ones all stay safe and do the best you can with all the uncertainty in the world. This is only a temporary interruption, life will continue, and we’ll get through it! Reach out to those around you and make sure they are OK, remember they are in the same situation as you.