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Make sure when disaster strikes, you can still do business

Affordable SME Disaster Recovery Planning

No SME can afford to be without a disaster recovery plan but most find it too expensive to implement. Our DR solutions make sure you don’t have to take the risk with your crucial business data.

Service Intuitive DR Other DR
Monthly Fee   Starting at $200/month Starting at $400/month
Internet Fee   Included Starting at $80/month
Yearly Testing   Included Additional Cost
Enterprise Grade Internet   Yes Yes
Internet Speed   20 Mbps upload and download Starting at 2 Mbps upload and download
Disaster Declaration Fee   $2,000 for facilities and initial recovery $5,000 for just the use of the facilities
Use of DR facilities   2 weeks 2 weeks
Specialise in SME DR   Yes No, corporate
Hardware under warranty   Yes Yes
Creation of DR Plan   Included Additional Cost

Yearly Testing

Included in your DR fee is a yearly testing where we restore your systems from a backup using the documentation.  Documentation is adjusted where required and the test is timed to give an accurate recovery time.


Every DR solution we implement comes with detailed documentation including key contacts, procedures and software.  The detail ensures that any IT professional can restore your system in an emergency.

Enterprise Hardware & Infrastructure

Our DR equipment is powered by Dell servers which are under 2 hour resolution time warranties.  The equipment is supported by redundant UPS to ensure stability and data integrity.  The internet is 20/20 SHDSL connection with a 1:1 contention ratio. The guaranteed uptime for the internet is 99.95%

When disaster strikes

When a disaster occurs, we’ll be ready to help.  We’ll locate your newest backup, head out to our DR location, pull your documentation and begin the recovery process.  Websites can be updated, phones diverted and plans put into action.  We’ll keep you updated and have your team remote in ASAP.

Onsite seats and phone system

In addition to remote option, you'll also have the option to purchase onsite seats.  Staff can bring their laptops on-site and use the servers locally for greater speed and we can also configure a phone system for your teams needs.  Up to a maximum of 16 staff you'll have access to our secure office for up to 2 weeks.

Business Continuity

Once your Disaster Recovery solution is up and running, we’ll refocus our attention on getting your replacement server up and running.  We’ll use the same procedures to restore your replacement server and set it up where your business can continue to access it.