Deleted items are for..deleted items

Person deleting a file

Deleted items are for..deleted items

This month I have a really simple message – no security issues to scare you with, no fancy new technologies that will make your business run more smoothly.

It’s an email I thought I’d never have to send again, but alas, it’s something that has cropped up twice in the last month. So, without further ado:

Never, ever, store important emails in your ‘Deleted Items’ folder!

This folder is designed to purge itself at regular time intervals so no guarantees are made as to email being retained here. If it’s gone, it’s gone.

Here is some supporting reference material:

I recall explaining this to the staff at my first ever IT job in 2001!

This also goes for storing important files in the recycle bin of your computer. Don’t press the DEL key on a file and expect to find it at a later date.

Please share this with your staff so we can hopefully avoid further frustration and disappointment in the future. The Intuitive IT helpdesk can assist staff set up proper archive folders should anyone require them – it’s a five-minute job at most!