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Your IT Inventory – access is granted

Monthly IT Support Update – July 2017

Hi all,

Following on from last month’s updated report format, this month I’ll be continuing expanding on your recommendations.

An important aspect of managing your IT environment is knowing what hardware and software you have, and I know many of you have your own inventory systems, whether it’s just as simple as a spreadsheet, or a more complex function built into your ERP system; knowing what you have is important!
Intuitive IT uses it’s own RMM (remote monitoring and management) system as part of our standard system to keep tabs on your devices – making sure they are updated, allowing us to access them remotely when required etc.

Sometimes we find that devices are retired without us being made aware, we generally try to run quarterly cleanups internally as you would expect. However, you may not know that we can give you access to our web portal so you can report on your IT inventory from a purpose built system. You can see live data including, number of devices, warranty expiry information, software installation and licensing and much more.

You’re also able to run ad-hoc reports on any of this information and not necessarily have to wait for the monthly reports we send through.
If you would like to have your account set up in our system, please get in touch and we’ll make arrangements. On a related note, one of the team may get in touch regarding potentially old devices on our system that may no longer be in use.

About the author:

Eden Freeman is Intuitive IT’s Director of IT and outsourced IT manager to our clients. Eden’s no-nonsense and practical approach to IT Management ensures his clients receive the best possible solutions for their IT needs. Eden works across our many and varied clients, ensuring best practice is implemented from a technology perspective and can communicate risks and ideas to the business at the same time. A unique and highly regarded set of skills that make him invaluable to the IIT team. Contact Eden here

About the author

Eden has over a decade of experience in the IT industry. Working with numerous organisations from a diverse range of industries; education, finance and renewable energy to name a few.

Prior to joining Intuitive IT Eden worked at a top tier Managed Services provider which gave him valuable experience in a wide array of enterprise level technologies and customer environments.