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New Office Macro Virus – Emotet

Hi all,

This month there are a few items on the agenda and as per last month, I’m going to try and keep the IT security side of things brief!

Firstly, on security – the holiday period is always the busiest time of year for scammers. Please let your staff know to be extra careful when opening emails, especially ‘unexpected’ package delivery notifications, and as always, get in touch with us if anything doesn’t look quite right. 

Also, a highly dangerous Microsoft Office virus is doing the rounds at the moment – it makes use of macros in Office to spread, again, be vigilant. Intuitive IT recommends that macros be disabled by default in all Microsoft Office products, if you would like us to do this for your business, please let us know. 

Secondly, Microsoft keeps adding features – Microsoft has recently introduced a service called ‘MyAnalytics’. While this feature isn’t brand new, they are now rolling it out to more accounts automatically. It is a personal productivity tool designed to help users work more productively. You can find out more information regarding the service here. The reason I’m talking about this is your staff may notice that it has automatically turned on and it will start sending them email notifications – it is safe and you can assure them that the data is only available to them, no-one else can see what they are doing.

Lastly, holiday period hours – here are our hours for the Christmas and New Years period this year:

  • 20th December (Friday) – 1:00 PM finish

  • 26th-27th December – Closed

  • 31st December – 1:00 PM finish

  • 1st January – Closed

  • All working days between the 23rd of December and the 3rd of January NOT listed above we will be open and running reduced hours of 10 AM to 4 PM

  • From the 6th of January onwards, we resume standard business hours

If your business is operating within these hours, we will still have on-call staff available for urgent requests, and our voicemail will be checked regularly.

If you have any special requirements for support hours during this time, please let us know as early as possible so provision can be made.

About the author

Yener is the founder and Managing Director of Intuitive IT. Prior to running his own business Yener worked for a number of corporate organisations where he gained invaluable experience and skills, as well as an understanding of how IT can complement and improve business outcomes.