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Linking Facebook to the Correct Business Page

Intuitive IT has recently hired Koray Adal to become the company’s Marketing and Public Relations officer and with that, have discovered a glitch in the Facebook universe that we are here to resolve for you today.

When Koray was at home, updating his Facebook, he tried to add Intuitive IT to his Facebook employment information. It was then that he realised that Facebook was unable to actually find the correct Intuitive IT business page and instead just linked to an empty page.

This issue seems to be affecting a lot of people, but hasn’t been addressed by Facebook.

Follow these simple steps or watch the video tutorial below to fix this problem:


1. Open Mozilla Firefox and download the Web Developer add-on.

2. Launch the Firefox browser and go to your Facebook business page. There you will see in the address bar, a row of numbers. This is your business page ID number.

3. Now select your Profile Page > ‘Edit Profile’ > ‘Education and Work’.

4. Type one letter into the ‘Employer’ field (it can be any letter you like) and select an option from the drop down 

5. Using the Web Developer toolbar you’ve just installed, select ‘Display Form Details’ from the ‘Forms’ menu. In the field labeled paste in your Facebook business page’s ID number. (Note: Do not turn off ‘Display Form Fields’).

6. Fill out the rest of the fields with as much information as you would like and select ‘Add Job’.

7. Deselect ‘Display Form Details’ to disable the feature.

Intuitive IT would like to wish Koray Adal all the best in his career with us and hopes for many successful ventures together. If you have any other questions or would like to have a specific question answered, please feel free to comment on this blog below and Like us on Facebook.