Intuitive IT launches new website

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Intuitive IT launches new website

Intuitive IT has launched its fresh new website which encompasses a range of new features. Key changes include the website being built in a responsive format, meaning visitors can now easily view the website on PC, tablet or mobile!

Also included in the new website are details of the true scope of services we are able to offer our clients. Although not new to our offering, strategic IT management is fast becoming an increased priority for our clients. This is mainly due to our clients’ fundamental IT systems operating in a stable and reliable manner, thus allowing us the opportunity to design and implement an overarching IT strategy for each business to maximise what IT can do for our clients’ businesses. Each of the service options and packages are detailed on the new website. You can head to our homepage here.

A further change is the inclusion of fantastic new graphics to highlight each of the services we offer. They are unique to, and created especially for Intuitive IT, not sourced from an image or graphics database and were created by the talented animator Juan Chacon.

For existing clients, the new website makes it easier to access remote support by clicking on either of the two main buttons on the home page, rather than being directed to a link elsewhere in the website.

We encourage you to have a browse of the website and enjoy the new look and feel we have created. We appreciate any feedback you may have on the website, and remember if you’re impressed with the site, we can build a website equally impressive for your business – just ask!