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Here’s Why You’ll Love Windows 11

Remember when Zoom meetings were the only way to maintain team engagement during a lockdown? You were stuck at home, with endless Zoom meetings back-to-back…looking for anything to break up the day.

So once a week, someone would be nominated to help maintain morale (and bust the boredom) by coming to Friday’s meeting with a quick game or fun fact.  Sometimes it was more complicated than you thought…

Well, Microsoft heard all those pleas for some fun facts and included that feature in Windows 11…oh and a lot more…when it was launched a year ago. Windows 11 has been applauded for being stable and user-friendly. Significantly, Windows 11 stayed within the successful Windows 10 experience. But it did offer enhancements over its predecessor.

However, even with these improvements and Microsoft offering a free upgrade to Windows 10 users, the adoption of Windows 11 could be faster. As recently as November 2022, Windows 10 still dominates the licences of Windows PCs – holding just under 70% compared to around 16% for Windows 11. 

Naturally, some users are slow to upgrade to a new operating system. For others, it’s a wait-and-see approach to ensure it’s worth the time investment to update. And for many, it appears like a steep learning curve to switch to the new computer desktop.

Microsoft has maintained the same workspace on Windows 11 as on Windows 10. But they have included significantly more productivity and security benefits that Windows 10 lacked.

I want to share with you the most remarkable features of Windows 11. And once you read over my thoughts, you may choose to go ahead and update to Windows 11. 

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Snap Layouts

You spend a lot of time switching between one open app and another. And in many cases, you must have two windows available simultaneously when doing side-by-side work. 

It’s time-consuming (and frustrating) switching back and forth between apps. 

Approximately 68% of app users say switching between apps costs them at least 30 minutes daily. But, of course, you know most people then try to size two windows next to each other – often unsuccessfully, as you can lose the scroll bar or only get to the menu items if you resize.

Snap Layouts

Windows 11 solves this hassle with snap layouts allowing you to hover over the maximise icon at the top of any window to access a snap layout.

You can choose the area you want for the active app, and it will snap into place and allow you to select apps for the other slots.

Master Search

Windows 11 brings a new feature, Master Search, to help you quickly find a document, website, image, or app. 

To get started, you click the search icon on your desktop. Then Windows 11 will give you a search bar to populate results from the entered keyword.

And to give you a laugh or entertain, Microsoft populates interesting topics daily into the search bar. For example, with Master Search, you can learn more about James Webb Space Telescope, Coffee Day, or other exciting topics. 

Master Search

Once you enter your keyword, you can further refine your search. For example, you can refine it according to the search result you are after (e.g. apps, documents, web, etc.).

Search in Windows 11

Clipchamp Video Editor

Microsoft has introduced a free video editor with Windows 11 update. The video editor, known as Clipchamp, makes editing videos on your desktop effortless. And avoid paying extra for additional specialised software or apps.  

Clipchamp Video Editor

Clipchamp has a lot of the features included you’ve come to expect when paying for software. For example, Clipchamp offers access to templates, effects, video resizing, and green screens.

Microsoft Teams video, audio and text messaging

Since the pandemic began in early 2020, most businesses have introduced video calls like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. But not all video software and apps are simple to use. In some cases, many companies have experienced waiting for someone late to a call because they were struggling with the app.

Now Windows 11 comes with Microsoft Teams preinstalled and provides a simple click-to-call experience. For example, you can invite someone to a video or audio call. And the person doesn’t need to have a Microsoft account to connect with you to make video calls making the process less complicated. 

Another great feature of the Microsoft Teams app is the introduction of SMS messaging. Your employees can now send a text message from the desktop without relying on their smartphones.  

Accessibility Features

Windows 11 introduces fantastic accessibility and flexibility features to ensure all your employees can use their computers as they want. 

Four of the newest accessibility features to be aware of in Windows 11 include:

  • System-wide live captions
  • Focus sessions
  • Voice Access
  • More natural voices for Narrator, Windows’ built-in screen reader

Microsoft Edge’s Collections

As you know, Microsoft Edge is the default browser, and with Windows 11, you can access a new feature called Collections.

If you are like many users, your bookmarks in Edge are a mess, disorganised and probably need to be better. Now with Edge in Windows 11, you can untangle this mess with Collections. To get started, click the “plus” icon at the top of an Edge browser window; you’ll get the collections panel. Next, add a Collection subject and click to add webpages.

Edge will give you a preview of what you’ve added and ensure everything is organised. Collections are easy to access and simple to delete when you’re finished.

Collections in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen

There is no question that phishing remains one of the most prominent online security threats. It enables many forms of cyberattacks, from ransomware to user credential theft. In many phishing attacks, users receive messages asking them to click links and be directed to malicious websites. Unfortunately, you often only know once it’s too late that you’ve landed on a malware-laden site.

Windows 11 includes Microsoft Defender SmartScreen. This app can help protect your employees and business from those crippling phishing sites. In real-time, the app checks URLs against a dynamic list of reported phishing sites. And Defender SmartScreen will warn you if the site is potentially dangerous.

Do you need a Windows 11 expert to help with your upgrade? 

We know it can be intimidating to upgrade your network’s operating system. So call us today to schedule a chat about upgrading to Microsoft Windows 11.

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Yener is the founder and Managing Director of Intuitive IT. Prior to running his own business Yener worked for a number of corporate organisations where he gained invaluable experience and skills, as well as an understanding of how IT can complement and improve business outcomes.