1st security tip – Get a password manager

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1st security tip – Get a password manager

Hi all,

Last week I was lucky enough to attend AusCert 2019, which is one of the biggest IT security conferences in the country. There were plenty of valuable takeaways which we’ll be recommending and implementing over the coming months.

One of the keynote speakers (Mikko Hypponen from F-Secure) who has over 30 years of IT security experience was asked the question ‘If there’s one thing that anyone can do to be more secure online, what would it be?’ his answer was ‘Get a password manager’.

A password manager allows you to eliminate password reuse, ensure password complexity, and securely share passwords with your team, while still maintaining administrative control. We use LastPass at Intuitive IT and highly recommend that you give it a test run in your organisation. Let us know if you would like any info in regards to features, or assistance with the setup.

While at the conference, I snapped this picture:

Tell me what’s wrong – the best answer will win a prize! Entries close 5 June 2019.