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Australian Government vs Google

Who will win?

Happy belated new year – I hope you were able to take a bit of a break and are back and feeling refreshed. Thanks to my colleagues doing the hard yards, I was able to do just that! Thank you, Michael and Yener!

One of the big stories in tech last month was/is the ongoing stoush between the Australian Government and Google. In short, the government wants Google to pay for news content created by Australian media companies. Google doesn’t want to and has threatened to remove services to Australia, including search.

There are of course many ramifications if this comes to pass which would be highly detrimental to Australian businesses. 90% of all Australian searches are made through Google and by and large, that’s how customers find your business, and it’s quite likely that you’re either advertising directly or indirectly through Google services already.

While I think that it’s unlikely that Google will actually pull its search engine from Australia, it should at least start a conversation in your business around alternative advertising and marketing platforms. Even if it’s as simple as polishing up your company LinkedIn page or searching for your services on other platforms (Bing, DuckDuckGo etc.) and seeing where (and IF) your business comes up!

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