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Have visibility & control of your mobile fleet

Basic Information

Warranty information, disk usage, battery used, roaming settings and installed apps are all available via our dashboard.  This ensures you have full visibility on what is going on on these devices.

Device Management

To ensure consistency on your fleet and make setup of new devices easier, customised profiles can be pushed to all the mobiles in your company.  Email, VPN, Wi-Fi settings can all be managed centrally and pushed to the phones making the support of these devices easier than ever.

Lock it down

Even though convenient and powerful, mobiles present a big security risk to organisations.  With our software you can have the convenience while mitigating the risk they pose.

Our managed mobile solutions you can reset passcodes, lock the device or mark it as lost if it falls into the wrong hands.  In a serious event, the device can even be remotely wiped to protect valuable company information.

Tracking Ability

Some organisations need to know where their mobiles are and we can help with that.  Our software allows for tracking and mapping of a device’s location over an extended period of time.  Having such powerful data comes with great responsibility so we give you the policies and procedures to manage this too.

Not just iPhones

Our software also works on iPads and Android devices so we can support a mixed fleet or even a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) organisation as well.