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Have your project managed, not wrapped in red tape

Our Methodology

For SMEs it’s about getting things done.  It’s the same with how we manage projects. Some projects need more documentation and meetings and others need less.  We’ll make sure the project is completed on time and on budget; with just the right amount of bureaucracy.

Plan & Budget

Our first step is to understand the project so we can design the solution.  We’ll put together a scope of works, a time frame and a budget for the project.  Only once it’s signed off, will we get the ball rolling.

Track the project

All projects are entered into our ticketing system.  All updates and changes are tracked and managed within that ticket so you can keep track of how your project is going.  File attachments, your comments and our updates are all in one place until the project is closed.

Graph the project

Some projects need more management and a Gantt chart can provide that.  Our more complex projects are complemented with a Gantt chart where we track the progress together.

Project Meetings

For the more complex projects, we’ll insist on weekly meetings with all stakeholders and team members. Technology is great, but bigger projects need regular face to face communication.  We’ll make sure these get done.

Closing & Maintenance

Once the project is complete, we’ll conduct a final meeting to discuss what worked well, what didn't and what we can learn for next time.  We’ll then enter maintenance where we can manage the solution and enhance it.