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Is your business located in South Melbourne? Great news! South Melbourne is one of the areas we can service across Australia. Let's get started!

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Responsive + Expert IT Support for South Melbourne

South Melbourne falls into Intuitive IT's service area so if you need expert business IT support in South Melbourne, we can help. Our offices are located in the CBD so we can quickly be onsite anywhere in the Melbourne Metro area if required.

If you are looking for a brilliant IT service then look no further. Our customers put us in the 'Excellent' range in our recent satisfaction survey (scored between -100 and 100) which is unprecedented.

For comparison, the IT industry average was 40 for the same period.

Don't take out word for it. Read our Google reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Ben Taylor
The Amazing Ben Taylor leads our helpdesk team. He, like the rest of the team are here to help

Why Intuitive IT?

We've established that Intuitive IT can service your business location which is great. But that's only the start.

Intuitive IT’s focus on customer service and best practice security and IT differentiate us from our competitors.

Most IT solutions providers are stuck in their tech world. It is challenging to find a provider that understands business concepts and can discuss them with boards and C-levels.

Australian businesses need an IT provider that can implement business solutions using technology but understand that those technical needs are secondary to the needs of the business.

How are we different?

Intuitive IT primarily aims to align your technology to your business goals. We strive to understand your business and ensure you have the right technology and advice to achieve your goals.

Our clients benefit from

  • IT strategy and management advice
  • Ability to scale without increasing headcount
  • Using technology to grow revenue
  • Get the most out of your technology investment
  • Protecting data and systems, which in turn protects their clients

We are responsive, support only best-practice IT, and are here to help!

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You are only 3 steps away from IT Peace of Mind

We help your team be more productive and your business be more profitable

What does it cost to use Managed IT Services?

Are you interested in moving to a Managed Services Provider (MSP) but don't know the cost? Use our IT Managed Services calculator and by answering 5 quick questions, we can give you a monthly estimate of your IT support costs.

Trust Intuitive IT to help your business achieve your goals

Businesses across Melbourne and Australia used Intuitive IT's experience and capabilities to transform their operations.

Grow Revenue

Use technology to drive innovation and transform your business into a digital force

Manage Costs

Optimise your IT Investment to get the most out of your technology

Productive Workforce

Provide the best service and technology for your staff

Mitigate Risk

Protect your data and systems to protect your clients and business

Operational efficiences

Better understand your business using data to then increase your efficiency

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