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Small Network or Big Network, we get it connected

Local Area Network (LAN)

An office of 4 people to 3 floors of staff all need a good local network setup.  We'll make sure you have the right equipment so you and your team can have lightning fast access to your servers.​

Router & Firewall Setup

A router and firewall is the single point of entry to the internet.  It needs to be properly configured to ensure your staff can access everything they need, while keeping out all the undesirables of the internet. 

We can ensure this is done correctly and give you reports on all the internet activity both inbound and outbound.

Business Grade Internet Connection

A business grade connection will allow your staff to upload and download data at the same speeds (called a synchronous connection) which is a requirement if you are on the cloud or have locally hosted servers. The speed improvements gained will be reflected in productivity gains as well.

Wide Area Networks

Businesses with multiple sites or offices who need faster interconnectivity would benefit from a WAN. The data travelling over the WAN is optimised for speed and security so your staff, no matter how far away, or what they are doing are working effectively.