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Big or small, the cloud can complement your IT

Hosted Email/Calendar/Contacts

The most popular cloud solution due to its simplicity is hosted email.  Microsoft’s 365 solution, or Google Apps are solid performers in this space.  They allow you to sync your work phones, tablets and PCs to this crucial data.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Why host services that you don’t need to host? That’s the beauty of SaaS.  Anti-spam and anti-email services protect you and your systems with little or no configuration.  This is just one example.  Cloud backup software, cloud syncing software are other popular implementations

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Our most powerful cloud solution allows all the flexibility of a fully fledged server environment and all the power of a hosted solution.  Scalability and disaster recovery planning become infinitely easier to implement.

Virtual Servers

If you need the power of a server but don’t need to host it in one of your offices, a cloud based virtual server could be right for your business. With a solid internet connection, you can turn our server into an opex cost and not have to worry about onsite backups and power outages.

Cloud File Storage

Syncing and sharing files across multiple computer and devices is made simple with the cloud.There are free programs to help you do this but for those that need version control, sharing/backing up multiple locations or even document/policy management we can help you choose the right solution,