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Automation saves your business time and money

4 key reasons to automate your business

During April, Intuitive IT was working hard on creating more efficiencies and automations in the business. In doing so, we thought it would be a good idea to share four key reasons to automate your business. As a Melbourne IT support company, we have access to skill sets that make the process of developing automation a lot easier than most. You would think that this would mean we're running a Jetsons-like world of bots and ...
automation can save your business time and money

Automation for Business to save time and money

Save your staff time and money by automating mundane tasks I wanted to start this month’s update by talking about an internal case study in automation and give you a real-world example of how a very small manual task once automated can provide a very big decrease in costs. This is something small business owners should be talking to their IT provider about regularly. Manual tasks within business cost time and money. Automation through the ...

Build automations

I wanted to show you something that we’ve done internally at Intuitive IT to make our lives easier. A special thanks to Gabriel Trintinalia who built this for us. Late last year we moved to hotdesking in the Intuitive office. With hybrid working now the norm, we found being spread out across the office to be counterintuitive. When you do come into the office, you want to make sure that you’re sitting with your team ...