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Love for your website, after it's launched

After your website is launched

You've done it! The new website is live.  The tweets and Facebook posts have informed the world of your great new site.  You've sent out the email campaign to let your customers and suppliers know of the great new features; but it needs TLC after the initial fanfare has died down.

Keep things ticking

Just like a computer network, a website needs ongoing maintenance to make sure it’s running smoothly.  You want to know what is happening on your site before your customer sends you an email telling you it is down.

We'll keep an eye on it for you

We can make sure your site is up and running, it has no broken links, the error log is clean, it is safe from hackers and even make sure you have no spelling mistakes.  When we detect an issue, our helpdesk staff are informed and we look to resolve an issue for you before it becomes a problem.

Maintenance for every kind of website

If your website receives 5 or 55,000 visits a month there is a maintenance plan for you.  We can even ensure their is a Disaster Recovery solution if the worst case scenario occurs.

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