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I've got a 99.95% SLA (service level agreement) on my connection, they promised! This is all well and good in theory, but the general fine print to these contracts is that you’re entitled to a refund of the prorated amount of time the service was down for, over and above the SLA.

We do our own hiring here at Intuitive. It's a process that's been revised and refined over time and we're pretty happy with our results! When we put together a job ad, we include a "non-standard" set of questions at the end of the application

Service provisioning lead times. This sounds super boring and it sure is, but it’s also really important if you’re planning any time-sensitive changes which may involve IT support work. 

Thank you to all who filled out the annual surveys - both the long form and single answer versions had plenty of responses this year, which made my little IT heart skip a beat!

As this will be the last monthly IT summary for the year, on behalf of the Intuitive IT team I’d like to wish you all a relaxing holiday period and may all your IT services remain stable!

When logging a case with us via email, or using the above portal, you can add a priority hashtag to your case - these affect how it is flagged in the system and we’ll address them accordingly!

Social engineering can result in the loss of sensitive information, money, and potentially the reputation of your business. And this isn't an IT problem

There is a certain ‘sweet spot’ for device renewal, where a device may be outside its warranty but still doing the job without requiring any additional level of support, leave it too long though and it’s going to cost more than you save by not replacing it.

This month I thought I’d discuss the trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the workplace and the pros and cons of implementing such a policy from a business point of view.

You may not know that we can give you access to our web portal so you can report on your IT inventory from a purpose-built system. You can see live data including, number of devices, warranty expiry information, software installation and licensing and much more.

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