Hi all,

This month I want to talk about mobile devices, and how you can take advantage of them - mobile is big business. Apple, the most valuable company in the world acquires over half its revenue from its mobile sales, and there are over 19 million mobile devices in Australia alone, that’s pretty impressive (or crazy) given we’ve only got 25 million people. 

What that means is a lot of eyes and a lot of time on mobile devices - the statistics for web traffic originating from mobile devices has been greater than 50% since early 2017 (reference) so if you’re a business with a web presence (which should be everybody!) it is of great importance to have that footprint covered from a mobile point of view - it should at a minimum:

  • Look presentable on a mobile device
  • Be fully functional on mobile devices
  • Integrate with common mobile functions (i.e. tap to call on phone numbers, integrate with common apps where appropriate)

While having a mobile app available from the Apple Store or Google Play can sound really fancy, we find that in the vast majority of cases, a well developed ‘responsive’ (will work on both traditional and mobile devices) website is more suitable and development and ongoing maintenance costs are lower.

If you’re unsure as to whether your website is mobile ready, feel free to get in touch as we can easily run a mobile readiness check against your domain, and can make recommendations and improvements based on this.