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If you’re a business with a web presence (which should be everybody!) it is of great importance to have that footprint covered from a mobile point of view

There is a certain ‘sweet spot’ for device renewal, where a device may be outside its warranty but still doing the job without requiring any additional level of support, leave it too long though and it’s going to cost more than you save by not replacing it.

This month I thought I’d discuss the trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the workplace and the pros and cons of implementing such a policy from a business point of view.

You may not know that we can give you access to our web portal so you can report on your IT inventory from a purpose-built system. You can see live data including, number of devices, warranty expiry information, software installation and licensing and much more.

For 2 days now we've been on the phone to Telstra trying to get data access back put on a mobile with no success. This story actually starts a week ago when the mobile was going overseas and in order to avoid the exhorbitant data charges ($15,000 per GB) we barred the data plan. The phone came back into the country on Sunday and on Monday we rang Telstra and asked for the data to be added back to the account. "Sure" they said, "no problem. That's done for you." "Great thanks". So we waited a while but still no data. No emails or internet access. So we rang back. "Hmmmm" they said, "not sure what happened but I've applied it for you now." "ok thanks". So we waited...again...but still no data. So I rang Telstra again but after waiting one hour for someone to pick up and take my call I gave up. Sure it was 8pm at night and maybe everyone had gone home. But it might be regarded as good customer service to let me know that the department was closed! Rang back this morning and we were told "Ohhhh.. ...

The past few weeks have brought about great debate regarding mobile phones and the potential health risks they have. But what are the facts?

On March 4th, reports were released that Google had removed 21 malicious apps from its Android Market. These apps were malware aimed at getting root access to the user's device, gathering a wide range of information and acting as quietly downloads more malicious code to the device without the user knowing. Since then, Google now says that there were actually 58 dangerous apps removed from their Android Market, all created by the entity Myournet. The apps in question are all pirated apps, with one such knock off simply being called Chess. On Saturday, Google remotely turned on its kill switch, which is able to remove the applications from all user phones. The kill switch is actually software that’s downloaded onto an Android smartphone and installed automatically, removing the apps in question with no user action required. In its Google Mobile Blog, the company announced: “We are pushing an Android Market security update to all affected devices that undoes the exploits to prevent the at ...

A business without its computers and phones up and running is losing money, so the project needs to be well managed to reduce the amount of downtime. Early Planning - Ensure you tell your suppliers at the earliest possible time the move is occurring. Get the account managers to scope out the new premises and ensure your services can be transferred to the new location. - Make sure your disaster recovery plan is up to date. You don’t want to be caught by surprise if something goes wrong. - Make sure you have warranties for your hardware and make sure it covers the time of your move. A business day warranty won’t help you if you need help on the weekend. - Ensure you know where devices will be placed in the new premises. Printers, faxes, computers, etc. should all be drawn out on the office floor plan. Coordinate your efforts with the Office Manager. - Use removalists that have a specialised team for moving hardware. Ensure you are aware of their practices when handling your precious cargo. ...

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