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April Fool’s day is just around the corner. We wanted to get you ready for a pranktastic day, without getting into too much trouble.

All the reporting of LinkedIn security breach misses the bigger issue. The fact that passwords are reused again and again across the internet, it could be your other online accounts that could be compromised!

Since I've been at Intuitive IT, I've started looking towards the future. What's the next big thing? What's the word going to be Tweeting and Facebooking about? Well, I recently stumbled across a blog that might have a bit of insight into the digital trends that we may all face in 2011.

Intuitive IT has recently hired Koray Adal to become the company's Marketing and Public Relations officer and with that, have discovered a glitch in the Facebook universe that we are here to resolve for you today. When Koray was at home, updating his Facebook, he tried to add Intuitive IT to his Facebook employment information. It was then that he realised that Facebook was unable to actually find the correct Intuitive IT business page and instead just linked to an empty page. This issue seems to be affecting a lot of people, but hasn’t been addressed by Facebook. Follow these simple steps or watch the video tutorial below to fix this problem:   1. Open Mozilla Firefox and download the Web Developer add-on. 2. Launch the Firefox browser and go to your Facebook business page. There you will see in the address bar, a row of numbers. This is your business page ID number. 3. Now select your Profile Page > 'Edit Profile' > 'Education and Work'. 4. Type one letter in ...

Facebook privacy issues are just dominating internet issues at the moment.

Because of the convoluted and confusing way Facebook has designed the privacy settings it is hard to tell what is secure and what isn't.

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