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How Intuitive IT helped The Finance Guru increase his hourly rate by 50%

Intuitive IT took over my IT and websites and I immediately noticed my IT costs came under control. Once our websites were in their hands we were able to generate 132% more leads.

- Scott Haywood
  • The Problem

    Scott Haywood provides sound financial advise to his clients. Scott sensed that his IT and website were underperforming. As a result, he contacted IIT to take over his IT and improve his conversion rates on his website.

  • The Results

    Within a few months, we had audited his IT setup and reduced calls to the helpdesk by 75%. We reworked the Finance Guru website to focus on conversions. This led Scott to increase his hourly rate by 50% such was the demand for his services.

    • 50% increase in his hourly rate
    • 132% more leads

Our Strategy

Step 1

Investigate Scott's IT Setup

  • Audit

    By auditing the servers, workstations, network, ongoing issues and the processes of the business, we were able to find the root cause of most of the business' problems. This put an end to ongoing issues

  • Business grade services

    By removing consumer grade technology from the workplace, and replacing it with the business grade equivalent, remaining issues were addressed. This gave Scott and his team the tools they needed to work effectively.

  • Monitoring and Maintenance

    By monitoring the entire network 24/7, we were able to stop problems in their tracks before they became an issue for the team. Proactive maintenance, ensuring backups were taken (and tested!) gave Scott piece of mind that his IT Support was under control.

Step 2

Optimise the website

  • Responsive Design

    By making the website responsive, we were able to make sure the site appeared optimised no matter what device you were using to view it. This pleased the site visitors and Google too and made for a better experience for all.

  • Audio via Soundcloud

    We migrated all of Scott's regular radio appearances to his SoundCloud account. This gave him more visibility allowing Scott to be heard through more channels. The stats available on SoundCloud allowed him tailor his future topics to make them relevant to his ever growing audience.

  • Optimisation

    By optimising title tags, headings, meta tags and site content, we were able to increase the search traffic to

Step 3

Generate leads

  • Work the concept

    Working with Scott, we talked through ideas and concepts for helping with converting his website visitors into leads. The concept of the 60 second financially fit survey was born..

  • Build the survey

    We built the survey and made sure it was easily accessible from most pages on the website and was optimised to work on mobile, tablet or computer. The survey was tested and refined until the survey was ready to go.

  • Incoming Leads

    By making the survey easy to find and use, the number of leads generated by the Finance Guru website increased by 132%. Scott and his team were inundated with new clients they were in a position to increase their hourly rate by 50%

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